Friday, December 16, 2011

Holiday greetings from the mobile Marshalls! After spending two years in Michigan (and embarking on a fairly major home improvement project), we found ourselves moving once again...this time to Tucson, Arizona.  After two months of living apart (Evan started work while Rebecca packed up the house) we were very glad to be back together, even for a 5 day road trip from Michigan to Arizona.

Evan really enjoys his job at M3 Engineering.  He designs all kinds of crazy structures used mainly in the mining industry.  He likes the relatively relaxed atmosphere at his new company.  Sometimes he even wears jeans.  He is King of Horseplay, and the boys love it.

Rebecca has been searching for the perfect job requiring a library degree (but not a teaching certificate) with daytime hours, flexibility, and a side of Balsamic Vinaigrette, please. She blogs, she reads, she takes kids places, she makes homemade pizza and enjoys the Arizona sunshine.  

Ian turned 12 in November and instantly turned into a Facebooking, Facetiming, occasionally eye-rolling almost-teenager.  He plays drums and bells, not to mention xBox, and is amazing on the Ripstik.  He loves the extra homework his Mom gives him when schoolwork is not very challenging, which is often.

Quinn is an exuberant ball of fiery energy.  He loves to ride his bike, skateboard, scooter, and beleaguered dog.  He is often found in the backyard pounding on old toys with a hammer and taking them apart.  A true Renaissance gradeschooler, he also makes a mean pasta sauce and played the part of Bix the Beatnik Elf in the school Christmas play.

This year we are incredibly grateful for our wonderful families and friends near and far. We are blessed to have the gospel of Jesus Christ illuminating our lives.  

Wishing you a wonderful Christmas and a peaceful New Year,

Evan, Rebecca, Ian and Quinn